Innovation by Layden: Dreams Announced

The following 14th of February, Molecule Media will lastly release Desires, its brand-new creative proposition that will supply the possibility to make all type of journeys and style experiences that encompass typical genres of the globe of computer game. After the announcement, the environment around the game has come to be cheery and also although it is no more part of the PlayStation, Shawn Layden signed up with the celebration.

After disclosure of the launch date of Desires, Shawn Layden, that was Chief Executive Officer of SIE Worldwide Studios up until in 2015, congratulated the Media Particle group that they will ultimately see the debut of their Ambitious video game and via a message through his main Twitter account, the previous director claimed that the proposal is so essential that it will certainly alter the production of computer game as we understand it as well as even ensured that what they have actually done stands for total freedom.


Congratulations to Team MM! So happy for you and proud of you all. This is an epic achievement and will change game creation as we know it. This is freedom. Well done 94 cG3Y6Ri

– Shawn Layden (@ShawnLayden) January 6, 2020

In case you recognize the Molecule Media proposal in Dreams, allow us inform you that it will certainly offer you all the needed tools to create all kinds of adventures, essentially a video game inside of a video game, so you can do an FPS, an RPG, a platform, an auto racing game or a visuals experience, just to point out a few.

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