Pokémon Sword & Shield- Possibly More Pokémon?

Earlier this week we made note that The Pokémon Company prepares a transmission focused on Pokémon Sword & Shield. Although we still do not know what the company will certainly discuss, fans expect numerous surprises to be revealed as well as a recent official magazine recommends that there may be new Pokémon to capture.

The account Play Pokemon shared a picture that reveals a dual fight in between 2 Pokémon Trainers, along with a message that offers calculated data. The message is not as important as the image, since thanks to it you can see Gastrodon, the Sea Slug Pokémon. You may not comprehend why this is creating such a mix; nevertheless, Gastrodon is absolutely nothing phenomenal as well as can also be quickly found in Galar.

What stands out is that in the video game just the unique species of the eastern seas appears, particular for their blue as well as environment-friendly shade, as well as the one seen in the picture is the native of eastern areas, tinted pink and that can not be gotten in any way in Galar.

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This suggests that Game Freak and also The Pokémon Company prepare something important for the video game and also followers think that these are brand-new characters available and even some assume that versions like Ponyta will arrive in their original form. One of the most daring mention that it is possible for Galar’s Pokédex to broaden as well as the a lot more daring are urged to hypothesize on the National Pokédex. Follower thoughts were more reinforced by knowing that Nintendo promptly deleted the message. The good news is, the gamers understood and also acted swiftly to save the evidence.

More news is to be announced in the next day or so. What do you anticipate will be announced?

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